Mandatory Military Service for Congress

If it seems like only months ago that America’s warmongers were claiming there would be no need for US boots on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State (IS), that’s because it was. When the politicians initially decided to promote IS to the position of threat du jour, they promised that threat could be eliminated without sacrifice of American lives. Defeating IS would require only indirect measures, such as “support” for “our partners” in the region like “Jordan, Lebanon and the Syrian opposition.” U.S. vice-president Joe Biden laid this line down in an August 22 op-ed in the Washington Post. My, how times have changed! With president Obama’s new Authorization for Use of Military Force seemingly only a congressional rubber stamp away, the new talk is that US boots on the ground are likely. And the proposed AUMF seems to confirm this. Commentators on NPR, MSNBC and Fox News agree that American combat troops are almost certain in the fight against IS. It’s as if a directive went out to the media to prep the public for the maneuver. In light of this tactical change of course I offer a modest proposal.

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