Woman is the light of God. Rumi

I am a wild woman
I know, inspite of myself

and in spite of what I’ve been told

that there’s beauty in every age

no matter how old
I am a wild woman

I’ve learned what it means to be a life bearer

to bear children

to create art

to plant seeds of love
I am a wild woman

from the depths of the dirt underneath my fingernails

to the height of my very soul

I am one with the Earth

the winds from the four directions whisper through my skin
I am a wild woman

and the spirit of every wild woman coalesces in me

for we are each wild women

and we are all the spirit of the wild woman

I will follow the voice in my heart
I am a wild woman

I sing from my heart

I dance with the stars

I howl at the moon

I love uncontrollably
I am a wild woman

from the deepest, darkest, most sacred part of me

I am fearless

I cry in strength

I open my arms to the sky and welcome the rain
I am a wild woman

I nurture, love and protect

I stand, strongly, silently, sweetly for my brothers

I walk dutifully, prayerfully, joyfully upon the mother

and I will not be stopped

I am a wild woman.
~ Melissa Clary


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